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RIKENKIKI CO.,LTDHydraulic Equipment and Tools.


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This genuine equipment that utilizes expert know how and long-term experiences of 70MPa series is the latest auto-control hydraulic system.
This equipment provides greater precision for pressure control, not only pressure control to 200MPa.

Digital Pressure Gauges (DPGS-70)

The industry’s first digital pressure gauge with CE marking.
One digital pressure gauge alone can function as both pressure display and pressure switch.

EMP-300 series

Battery Pumps (BTP Series)

Lightweight and easy-to-operate pumps alternative to manual pumps.
Driven by a Panasonic nickel metal hydrogen (NiMH) battery pack (EZ9200S) or a lithiumion battery pack (EZ9L48) with a Panasonic battery adapter (EZ9740).
(A battery pack is not included and must be prepared by the user.)

SMVCH-43 (Multiple-Linkage Type Manual Direction-Control Valves)

Can operate multiple cylinders separately.
Valves are linked together to save space. According to the application, a 6- or 12-linkage model can be manufactured.

VFMP Series (Variable Discharge Pumps)

Equipped with a fast responding and highly accurate AC variable drive control (inverter), this pump unit can change the rotation speed of the motor and the discharge volume to meet various applications.

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